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Website Qualities:

Main theme of this website is to download videos, audios, thumbnails of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Nico Nico Video, And other social platforms.

Off Page Seo :

The above Screenshot is taken from Websiteseochecker.com By Moz. You can also check webste details like domain authority, page authority, spam score, total backlink , quality backlinks (from all over the globe), Moz trust, OffPage Seo.

On Page Seo:

Almost all the post have 88/100 Marks in Ranks Maths Score. And a very good on page Seo score on online SEO Checkers than other Websites.

SEO Stories:

  • Within 1 Week after posts uploading the site start ranking on some top keywords (in the line of 30’s) in Different Countries.
  • Its All Rounder website used in every Country.


  • You just have to buy a Linux hosting with root access with minimum 1GB of RAM or You can also try free Hosting from Google Cloud , Alibaba Cloud, Digital Oceans and others for 2-4 years. In 2-4 years you will get the proper results. And Start earning with Zero hosting Fee.
  • Only have to pay while buying this site.


One time setup and life time earning with no tension.

How much you can earn ?

A website like this having less domain authority, page authority & backlink but 1 year old to this website Savefrom.net got $ 21,090,800 USD According SiteWorthCalculator. So within 2-3 Years of your free hosting period (from Google Cloud & others) this site start better earning.

Why we don’t work on it?

As you know Sharing is Caring. But not that reason. The real reason is this we have a lots of sites to handles and I am the only person so it difficult to handle these all. And Web development is not my Passion. My Passion is Cyber Security. So i want to sell this website.

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Contact me on [email protected] for more details.

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